fredag 22. oktober 2010


Jeg leverte masteroppgaven min i september i år, etter en ganske hektisk skrivesommer. Temaet er velferdsstat, innvandring og tillit.

Hele oppgaven kan lastes ned her. Oppsummeringen:
This thesis is concerned with the sustainability of large welfare states in the era of increased immigration. The backdrop for our analysis is a view of the welfare state as a matter of collective action; because generous welfare benefits raise the risk of people free-riding on the public good, citizens will not contribute to the system unless they trust others to abstain from free-riding. Social capital facilitates collective action, and sustaining the welfare state then becomes a matter of sustaining social capital. 
There is an ongoing scholarly debate over the importance of face-to-face interactions in civic associations for the creation of social capital, and whether ethnic diversity erodes social capital. This analysis contributes to these debates, using survey data on civic participation among natives and immigrants in Norway.
The analysis finds that immigrants in Norway participate in civil society at similar rates as natives, but also indicates that generalized trust is not dependent on organizational participation. Despite high rates of civic participation, immigrants appear to be slightly less trusting than the overall population. 
We find that immigrants and natives rarely interact in civil society organizations. To the extent that we can identify any effects of organizational diversity on levels of social capital, it is weakly negative on the part of natives, suggesting that natives gain greater levels of social capital in homogeneous organizations.
Also, the study finds that civic participation increases peoples’ outwards orientation (bridging social capital), and strengthens within-group solidarity (bonding social capital) simultaneously. We also find civic participation to have stronger positive effects on social capital among immigrants than natives – even when the scope of interactions between immigrants and natives is limited.
In sum, these findings indicate that increased diversity does not appear to be undermining social capital in Norway. Levels of trust and civic participation are high in a comparative perspective, both among natives and immigrants. 
Jeg kommer helt sikkert til å skrive mer om denne oppgaven framover, men inntil videre ville jeg i det minste gjøre den tilgjengelig for lesing.

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