tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Nytten av fagblogger

Brad DeLong siterer Rajiv Sethi, som siterer seg selv. Han skriver om hvorfor økonomifaglig blogging er kommet for å bli:
One might persuade a referee or seminar audience that a particular assumption is justified simply because there is a large literature that builds on it, or that tractability concerns preclude reasonable alternatives. But this broader audience is not so easy to convince. Persuading a multitude of informed, thoughtful, intelligent readers of the relevance and validity of one's arguments using words rather than formal models is a far more challenging task than persuading one's own students or peers. If one can separate the wheat from the chaff, the reasoned argument from the noise, this process should result in a more dynamic and robust discipline in the long run.
Hør, hør.

Oppdatert kl. 23:11: husk også Richard Sennets innlegg  om Sociology as literature.

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